Ar class name bug?


May be it is not a bug. But could be a thing to pay attention to while coding.

I have transfered my project to the notebook with Windows OS on and got error:

Internal Server Error.

On Mac OS everything was fine.

The problem was with the "Com" name of the class.

class Com extends CActiveRecord {


After changing class name to "Comm" the error has gone…

I am not planning to use Windows hosting but from now I name all my classes with some prefix.

But is it safe enough?

Thoughts and suggestions are welcome.


Yes! But why is it OS dependable?

On Mac it is fine…

Because it’s a windows only PHP extension.

Ok thanks,

I see it means there is no any internal representation of class names.

And the risk to be cross named with some not native class name.

Ok it’s good to know it before some serious crashes :) .