Aptana Yii Support Autocomplete

Aptana does not provide auto complete list for class with type (CApplication) came from Yii::app()->

I noticed that the problem was not with Yii itself , it is with case


also in


in the previous two cases , Aptana PHP processor fail to detect variable type and function return type to give autocomplete list, and you will lost an important feature.

I modified the plugin file com.aptana.editor.php to correct this bug , then , exported the new package ,

replaced the new plugin file with file older one com.aptana.editor.php_3.3.0.1365773524.jar

where the text after _ refer to file version , and may change according to updates you made.

You may find multiple files with different versions (com.aptana.editor.php.*.jar) ,and the newer file will be the used one

Steps to install the new Plugin:


[*]download new file from attachments , extract the zip archive

[*]Copy the file to aptana plugins folder in aptana installation.

[]find the file com.aptana.editor.php..jar

[*]copy file name (file name only)

[*]delete the file

[*]rename the file com.aptana.com.aptana.editor.php_new.jar to the copied one.


And notice the change :)

Aptana git Accepted the change , hope they will include this fix in the next update

Aptana fixed the bug, now you just need to update. :)