approve() method in the Blog tutorial

more questions about the blog tutorial -

in the tutorial there is functionality to approve comments and there is reference to an approve() method in the Comment class

not sure how to put this together exactly -

here is what it says in the tutorial:

[font=courier][color=green]"In the above, when the approve action is invoked via a POST request, we call the approve() method defined in the Comment model to change the status. We then redirect the user browser to the page displaying the post that this comment belongs to."[/color][/font]

Is there any instructions about how this approve() method should be implemented?


I also had questions when following the blog tutorial, it turned out that not everything is detailed and that you will find it easier to have a working blog (yii/demos/blog) alongside your blog in development so that you can look at the code that is not detailed in the tuto

hope this helps


good suggestion