Approach To Web Servers Load Balancing

Hi everyone, I want to deploy my Yii application in two web servers. I just got an idea: resolve load balancing through the links. I want to know what do you think about this.

I will configure two web servers:

Web server 1 with two domains: and

Web server 2 with one domain:

Then, if a page contains five links, their URLs will be, for example:

I was wondering if this solution may has any problem. Tecnically, I don’t see any problem (yet), but maybe with search engines. What do you think?


Why don’t you use a tried method like DNS round robins? Regarding the SEO problem: There is a solution by specifying a canonical URL in the HTML headers.

Thanks! I think the solotion for SEO applies for my approach too. I was stating an alternative for other techniques that uses some DNS configuration or additional server for load balancing. The technique I described simply requires a basic function in php for implement load balancing.