Apply class to tbody of a GridView?

I see the options to apply options to the thead/tfooter for a gridview however I cannot find the options for applying options to the tbody element of a GridView.

Am I missing something? Is this a missing option?

You can’t assign or define class in tbody or thead using table or grid widgets. but you can create custom css for tbody/thead.


 #table_id table thead tr th{

   padding:10px; //Put your css code here


 #table_id table tbody tr th, #table_id table tbody tr td{

   padding:5px; //Put your css code here


#table_id is, as you define in widget for table view or detail grid view.

That is the method I had resorted to - I just found it odd we have so much customization in regards to row/column/header class but no thead/tbody/tfooter options. I wanted to make sure I wasn’t glossing over the available options.

Thanks for the reply.