App In Subfolder Redirecting Automatically To Root


I have a Yii app in my webroot directory, and I just started one in a subfolder of the webroot. The subfolder app is barebones created by yiic, with no apparent connections to the webroot application, yet whenever I click on a menu item on the yiic-generated site view, the script is redirected to the webroot index page. The address field of the browser displays the correct url (‘’), but the browser window shows the root app’s site index.

I have not hacked yii, and just to be sure, I deleted the yii framework folder and reinstalled from a newly downloaded release file. When I echo baseUrl in the subfolder app, it returns the correct url.

It sounds like your URL rewriting rules are conflicting. I’d guess all of your requests to a non-existent file are being routed to your original index file. You might be able to set up a rule in your root .htaccess file to ignore requests in that subdirectory.

Thank you. My URL rewriting rules are out of the box. I have not made any changes to what is in URL manager, nor have I messed with any .htaccess files.