App for advertising agencies

[b]You know develop app in Yii Framework? What do you think to be my partner?


I write to say that I am seeking a partner for the creation and development of software for advertising agencies.

Advertising agencies need many intelligent tools for campaign management and in the world there are few companies that develop softawares for this niche market.

Here in Brazil, I have an base email marketing with all 5939 advertising agency. If you develop a softaware equal to the link belowI might offer it to all agencies.

See the link example software .: agilepromoter . com/en

(The link app is just one example! I do not intend to copy!)

I studied college marketing and advertising and can be an excellent partner, with you in this new business. If you accept the proposal, we can offer the softaware for all the world advertising agencies.

What do you think of my proposal?

Best Regards!

Hi Isai, We have sound experience in Yii Development and also we have developed BI tool that can gives you the proper report.

We have developed [size=2]Data Visualization Apps for Business - [/size]a scalable application providing user access to key information on the move, which saves time on key decision making process. It also enables executives to have a clear understanding of client requirements through project analysis.

We provide industry’s most adaptable and integrated range of enterprise-level business intelligence solution that helps improve decision making skills and drive better outcomes.

Lets talk and discuss in detail.

Sanket Dave

Skype: sanket.softweb

Hello friends!

I am grateful to all of you who sent me several budgets, for my project.

My project is waiting for the startup investment, to follow.

When the investment is available, I will talk to each of you!

Thank you very much!

Best regards!