Api Paging With Added Objects?


I have used the activecontroller and got the dataprovider sending back the info correctly.


    "items": [ ],

    "_links": {

        "self": {

            "href": "http://server/controller/current?access-token=544964bffeb4cb0551f95f717ae24de31c418&page=1&per-page=5"



    "_meta": {

        "totalCount": 0,

        "pageCount": 0,

        "currentPage": 0,

        "perPage": 5



My question is can this dataprovider info be put into a sub section of the json? I have tried with things like

$dataProvider = my search;

$data['myowntextitems'] = ['hello world'];

$data['dataprovider']= $dataProvider;

return $data;

but the dataprovider results in just the query details and not data. If i do a $dataProvider->getModels(); it returns the query but no paging or _meta info.

Any suggestions?