API not working after migration

Hello everybody,

First off, I’m totally new to this so pardon my ignorance and faulty grammer as English is not my native language. We hired somebody for multiple websites migrations, but not everything is working and I would like to know why and how I can fix it.

Apparently we use yii as a portal for our clients with an API for a connection with my administration-software. After the migration the portal was not accessible, because they forgot the framework folder. I moved it to the new server and changed index.php with the following lines because in the old situations it was located somewhere else.

// change the following paths if necessary



The portal is accessible again and clients are able to log in. However the invoices and price quotations where not visible. So I logged in to our online administration-software and changed the Whitelist IP to the new IP address and kept the same security key. But still the same message ‘No results’.

Does anyone have a clue what I can do to fix this?

Best regards,