Api Documentation In Chm Format Missing In 1.1.13

First of all, I’d like to wish everybody Happy New Year! :)

Version 1.1.13 was released on Dec. 30th and I noticed that the documentation does not contain the CHM format of the API. The CHM format (although originating from the Windows world) is very handy.

So, is there a plan to include it again?


You can generate it yourself :)

Although a guide would be nice.

The given chm file until version 1.1.12 was just fine. How can I generate it again? I suppose there are instructions, so please share them with us.

If you go to the Github repo, you will see that they have build scripts to generate latex from the guide:


Now we need a program that can convert latex to chm. :)

So, the route is tex to pdf and then pdf to chm. :)

Texmaker could probably be handy.

Or this:


Are you sure we need that? I mean, I don’t want a chm file converted from another source (pdf, latex, etc.), because this would probably not have the features of a chm file (searching, indexing, etc.). I mean, I’ve found chm documentation on the internet that were converted from a pdf file and you were not able to search or use the table of contents to navigate inside.

i miss chm format so much~

and i just find you can compiled it yourself use HTML help workshop

Yikes! No thanks.

Who would want (or need) to do that and why?

This really should be part of the build/release process. (again. it used to be.)

Here’s my solution for the time being: open the online documentation in Chrome, then select “create application shortcuts” from the “tools” submenu - this gives you a Chrome shortcut/window without toolbars, address bar, tabs, or anything else.

Won’t give you the speed of local search :frowning: … but it’s better than nothing.

I uploaded my compiled version in http://www.yiiframework.com/forum/index.php/topic/39151-yii-1113-api-in-chm-format/

Thanks! It looks same as the one distributed with the previous documentation releases. Would you mind sharing with us the way you generated it?

The chm file is easily generated by using Microsoft HTML Help Workshop to compile the hhp file inside api folder. The tool is free (maybe already installed?) and pretty much simple to use.