Api and production usage

I am about to start a new project now that is expected to go live in 6 months.

should I start the project using Yii3 and patch it along as the framework matures or should I play safe and use Yii2 ?

We need only a Api level without front end
So Rest tools and mongodb plugin is needed

Thanks for your help


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status of yiisoft/yii-rest is not green. Question to @samdark how many changes is planned in this package.

It is :white_check_mark: now. Changes are likely.

Depends on what the project is. If it’s commercial one and you have tight schedule I’d play safe. If you’re feeling adventurous, Yii 3 that is in development could be the right choice.

the project is commercial :

  • Flutter mobile app and Flutter PWA for front end
  • Api Level: Yii2 (or 3) Rest + MongoDB : All services are Api
  • Backend : wich use Api level for system/config/services management

We are a team with 6 years experience on Yii1/Yii2, and 4 projects on production with Yii2.
So we can found a solution for any problem (with yii community or choosing another solution)
The go live of this project will be maybe on november.

So we think that the risk is limited…and we can start with Yii3.


Alright. Feel free to contact me in case of problems with Yii 3.

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Finaly, we will not take risk.yii3 stable is very far. And it’s impossible for us to tell when it will be availlable.
Our customer have right…why starting with a framework wich is in dev phasis.

So we continue to work on yii2 and migrate to yii3 in future.

surely, we will do some Yii3 POC for evaluate and participe to community.