Apc In Yii

My website performance is too slow. How to improve the performance of my website using apc in yii.

It is not difficult to do. You can read the tutorial here.

enabling apc only can’t able to get the best performance.

Its the matter of how well organized way that your website code is written.

Example if you need on only title id,image, and description form a table more than field than you have get the things that you only need them and use criteria it like select id, title from tablenam where condtion.

Use yiilite in your entry script

disable debug and trace mode

use sql queries instead of active record which will greatly improve your website performance.

make a habit of making defining relations in models and access data with the relations if exist.

at at last then move to apc as you can see how yiiframework.com is working so fast as its huge site as hundreds of new post every day but we can find any slowish problem even.