Apc Implementation Multiple Websites Single Server

To prevent development websites from caching i have done

apc.cache_by_default=0 apc.stat=0

& in .htaccess

php_flag apc.cache_by_default On 

But now i want to cache multiple files hosted on my server & want to maintain them seperately using APC.

Is this possible?

For Example : Suppose I have 2 website www.website1.com & www.website2.com .

If i am making code level change in website1 , in current scenario i have to clear all apc cache either website1 or website2.

But I want to keep cache files of website2 & clear cache only of website1.

You should set a different cache key, take a look here

@zaccaria: I think he is only referring to the opcode cache.

@Akshat: If you are using php-fpm (through nginx, lighttpd or Apache 2.2 with mod_fastcgi or 2.4’s mod_proxy_fcgi), you can achieve complete separation through the method mentioned here.

Exactly Da , I am talking about opcode cache only.