Anyone has the source code of this extended Yii blog demo?

I am new to Yii. Just found a extended version of the official Yii blog demo at this website ( I want to learn the implementation of user registration and unix-like permission management in this demo.

Is the author active at this forum? Anyone has the source code of this demo?

There’s also:


Thx! But the demo you mentioned does not have user registration. Is there a demo with the user registration feature? CRUD for User model is different from CRUD for ordinary models.

At this moment, I have trouble with matching "password" field with "password_repeat" field. I added

echo $form->passwordField($model, 'password_repeat');

in the view file _form.php. But it gives me an error of [color="#ff0000"]Property "User.password_repeat" is not defined[/color].


public $password_repeat;

to your model.

Thanks alot! Shame on me…didn’t come up with this simple solution!