Anyone experiences using Yii with Cassandra database ?

Hey Guys,

I’m just looking around for the best database for one of my projects and so far it looks like Cassandra makes the race. The only thing is, that I couldn’t find any experiences with Cassandra and Yii.

I would be happy for any information on this topic :-).

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I can’t really believe, that noone ever tried anything with Yii and Cassandra? … I mean … MongoDB is nice and good, but Cassandra has a lot of benefits as well. Especially on scalability …

In the meantime it’s also proven, …

"Cassandra is in use at Digg, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Rackspace, Cloudkick, Cisco, SimpleGeo, Ooyala, OpenX, and more companies that have large, active data sets. The largest production cluster has over 100 TB of data in over 150 machines."

… so once again: anyone has at least ANY experience? … would be awesome :wink:



last try :slight_smile:

It is a while that I am thinking about that. I believe it should be easy to use Cassandra-PHP-Client-Library as an interface.

If you found something about it, please share with me.


Sure I will.

I’m still evaluating MongoDB but the holy grail for my application would be Cassandra. So far I could find a little aproach to bring Cassandra to Active Record (for Zend, but I guess, there will be some usable function in the Cassandra.php file):

But else … with Yii there’s nothing to find. With Zend it doesn’t look so good as well.

On Ruby and Python side it looks a lot better … but I don’t want to leave Yii and PHP for this reason ;-).

My next thought was, to look for other people willing to use Cassandra with Yii and start to write an extension. But so far I haven’t any “real” experience with writing extensions, nor how much effort this would be. So far I just checked the MongoDB extension, to get a raw insight:

Conclusion: I’m also still looking for a solution for using Cassandra with Yii. And I’d be also happy for any information on that.

Dear Mayjestic,

Thanks for sharing.

I used Cassandra-PHP-Client-Library for this job. You can take it from…-Client-Library

I copied the content of its folder in my protected/component folder. In this case, I used Cassandra class easily in my controllers. You do not need to include any file. just follow its example to use database. In my system, this trick works smoothly. I do not believe it needs to write any module or something. but if you need it, I can company you in coding.

There is another option called Phpcassa. At the moment, I did not benchmark both libraries to check which one is faster. Because we can use Phpcassa with its C library, it looks faster to me. but I still did not test it.

I will share with you what I found.



maybe you can use any non-yii library directly or develop extension for it,the yiimongodbsuite just make yiier familiar with the ActiveRecord-like Document , and give us a mongodb gii templates ,this save us most time , though we can directly use the raw php mongodb driver ,this just a preference ,this may give you some inspiration Joblo 's opinion

I too am curious about this. Any luck yet? :)

I’ve written an extension for yii so you can use the latest cql3 easily from yii. I cannot post a link here as i’m new to this forum :(

Here is it: github[dot]com/masumsoft/yii-cassandra-cql3