Any Program To Share Code Files Between Members

im in the middle of a project with some friends, we have been meeting and coding on the same place, but sometimes we realize something we should add or change on the server and when we come to meet everyone we forget, we thought its better if we find a program that could allow everyone to have access to the project’s files in order to modify, add, or delete files only for members of this project.

i was assignated to find this program and i would like to recieve hints from programs that would allow this.

PS: I already thought on dropbox and i have tested it, but sometimes it gets bugged with updating a file but never do and it takes long just to update a file index.php (30kbs), i know this happens because the file is sent to dropbox server and then its downloaded to users that doesnt have that change.

In order of my personal preference: Mercurial, Subversion, Git

(Seems like the Mercurial website is down right now, so I linked Wikipedia article instead.)

theses programs will allow my friends to have access to my files and make changes in realtime? without making them public to anyone?

These programs allow you and your friends to access a shared repository of files hosted on a server. You can either setup your own VCS server (not recommended with no prior experience) or look for a project hosting service provider (some of them offer a free plan, which can be fine for a single project with 3-5 members). Private repositories with full access control are possible, of course.

can you tell me how to use mercurial on wamp or send me a tutorial

Create an account on , log in and navigate to "Bitbucket 101" section of documentation. Detailed instructions can be found there. By following them you will be able to setup Mercurial (or Git) on your system, create your private repository and invite your friends.