Any plans to enhance CListView?

The obvious BIG feature lacking in CListView is AJAX search filters. Sure, we can all develop our own custom solution for this, but would be nice to have it built-in.

Another enhancement related to this I would like to see is the sorting filters being placed in a dropdown.

Finally, a CCheckBoxColumn and CButtonColumn - this might not be something that can be included, since each data item is associated with the view file, but perhaps something to consider.

Seems to me that you would like to convert CListView to CGridView… :D

They are two different way to display the data… in CGridView we have columns… in CListView we don’t have columns!.. so how would you add here the CCheckBox and CButton columns ?

CListView uses a custom partial view file to render the data… these data can be displayed in any way a user likes… columns, rows, or any other mix of display… so the main question/problem for implementing the filters would be how to display them?

Yes, I suppose it would be a very similar functionality to CGridView. For most situations, CGridView is all you need to display a resultset, however it’s limited to how you can present it (because it uses a table).

As I say CCheckBox and CButton would be tricky to implement in CListView, because it uses a view file, but I’m sure it can be done!.

With regards to the filters, this would just be a static row at the top (where the sort attributes are), and be defined in the CListView config.

It would be awesome if there would be an easy way to put a textfield somewhere and with that field you can search for values of multiple attributes of the models in the list, and only models with matching attributes will be shown in the list.