Any PHP 7 Hosting that help with migration?

I am thinking moving my websites to PHP 7. I heard that it outperforms the previous versions, which is what my websites are currently using. I have seen some impressive benchmarks of PHP 7 on WP, Drupal, Joomla, etc. So, I am certain that moving my websites to PHP 7 will significantly improve their performance. My problem is that I am not really experienced with website migration.

Can anyone recommend me a PHP 7 hosting that will help me with migration?

About hosting, you stated that you have surf around and benchmarks on Drupal too. Let me do the honor and suggest to you the best drupal hosting. This is the stuff that I’m really into that in the initial stage you can totally get familiar yourself with the free trial and can later make the pay-as-you-method payment. Rest stuff, and features you can look into their website.