Any fellow tunisians here? - Creating a local UG


I’m Mehdi from Tunisia, and a heavy Yii user.

I was wondering about who else is from Tunisia here, and if we could create some kind of Yii meetup here. If it wasn’t for @salem I would have thought that I’m the only Yii user in this country :slight_smile:

Thanks !


Shared thoughts :sweat_smile:

I’m in for any Yii meetup. Hopefully you’re getting different results for both queries:

  • SELECT COUNT(*) FROM 'tn_php_dev' WHERE framework = 'yii'

  • SELECT COUNT(*) FROM 'tn_php_dev' WHERE framework NOT IN ('symphony','laravel')


In case noone will reply you’ll have to have a nice 2 person meetup with hookah and tea :slight_smile:


Dear all,

I just saw the messages here, I’m a Yii2 developer based in Sousse, We launched a startup here based on Yii2 as Backend ( Yii2 REST with React in the front), We are 2 Developers interested in Yii2 Meetup, please keep us posted


yaaa, jaw :slight_smile: Do you have a website about your Startup?

I’m curious to know how you guys came across Yii, it seems to be pretty rare in Tunisia.

By the way, I think @salem too is from Sousse!

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Yes I do live in Sousse and Yii2 REST is my middle name :slight_smile: ping me any time @hlagrid and @machour. I’m in for any meetup.

Hi guys,

Sorry for being late here, I was traveling the last few weeks,

@machour We are building a management tool for investments ( Mainly VCs ), you can take a look here : , it is not easy to find Yii developers here.

@salem we are based in Erriadh 5, it will be great if we can meet to have a coffee together :slight_smile:

Keep in touch.

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Nice project! Phone sent in message. Call me anytime (right now if you want).

it is not easy to find Yii developers here.

Maybe it is better to focus on finding good PHP developers then have plans to get them into the system :slight_smile: Yii isn’t that different compared to other MVC frameworks after all.

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Dear @salem @machour ,

we are looking for yii developers for our open source tool Coinsence which you can find in github. I would be happy to connect to you. If you want to know more about our project, please check or the video

Please contact me if you are interested.


Amazing! Yii, Tunisia and Open Source?! It feels great to see such projects. Always grateful for such offering, but I must decline as I already have commitments. Thank you and I wish you all the best. Feel free to tag me anytime you need anything I can help with in forum or Yii channels on Slack.

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Dear @machour @salem

could you please contact me on
We are urgently looking for yii developper in Tunisia to adapt our platform to support corona projects. Maybe you have a tip who we can engage.
Thank you very much

can you contact me under
we are urgently looking for yii developper in Tunisia, maybe you have a tip.