any feedback on audit trail extension - performance wise

doe sit impact performance in any way?

If performs additional database queries any time you perform an ActiveRecord query by the looks (I don’t actually use it) so yes, there will be a performance impact of some kind.

It probably does its work when updating records, not displaying them. So performance should be quite good.

Haven’t looked at it, though.

Take a look.

I’m here searching the forums because I’ve run into a performance issue that brings my system to its knees. As you may know, the AuditTrail extension keeps a record of every change to every field. Creation is the worst, as you’ll have n+1 inserts, where n is the number of fields in your model.

I’m currently implementing a feature in a venue management suite that copies pre-existing events by simply changing the times. It can also create several new events over a period of time. In my current testing, I’m copying one event for the next 6 days, where each Event (17 fields) has 9 associated Calls (27 fields) attached to it. So what would normally take 54 simple queries, now takes nearly 2000 queries. I’m desperately looking for a temporary disable feature, but I can’t seem to find anything.

The answer just came to me. As the AuditTrail is a behavior, you can disable and enable it quite easily. Silly me.