Any Effect If We Move From Php Authorization To Database Authorization Method


We are planning to change the Authorization method from php to db. I want to know whether there will be any effect on the currently logged in users. If so can we migrate session from php to db without logging out the already logged in users.


Yureshwar Ravuri

I would like to know something from you first.

Yes Our application is in production mode. We want to save the session to db from php file based.


So for that you can use CDSession for that. And i would suggest to do a test on Development mode first.if its work you can do the same on your production server too.

Since,This is something crucial part that’s why you need to be assure that it is working correct.

But as i am thinking it will effect on Logged in users session.i am not sure about it but i think it will affect the Logged in User’s sessions.Almost 70 % changes for that.Even though you have to give it a try then only you can say something. :)