Another Taggable Behaviour

Hi all,

I Have just launched new Yii extension which is hehaviour for CActiveRecord that allows to attach tags to a model.

GitHub repository:

Any feedback will be much appreciated.

Please fell fre to ask any quiestions here or report issues at GitHub.

To encourage you to up your post count, so that you can put the extension up in the official extension repository, perhaps you could engage in a sales pitch:

What is it that makes this extension better than / different from the TaggableBehavior extension from YiiExt? :)

Thanks =)

Two major differences are:

  • It uses ActiveRecord model for tag representation

  • Interface functions are sligtly different, they are not strictly tied to string parameters. You can pass any number of arguments that can be typecasted to string.

I’ll give it a try.

I have a project which requires tags. :)

If it has more features than the YiiExt extension, then it could be worth it. However, the other extension is better for performance as ActiveRecord carries an overhead.

The really good things comes with a price. In general too. ;)

So, thanks again =)

Looking forward to your feedback.

I would not say ‘more’ features. It is less for sure for now. For example my one not uses cache so far. But I strongly beleave that interface is just a bit more useful.

And if you will need any additional features - you are welcome to request them =)

Agreed, but as for me using of interface is better than optimize in advance something that is not confirmed as bottleneck. Within a reason of course.

That’s a great point!

You are spot on.

Finally published extension in repository:


Great extension.

When trying to add a tag that already exists it raises a Unique violation.

Thanks a lot, I will figure out this issue asap.