Another RBAC question: checkAccess() returning false?

I did everything inside CH8 and successfully(?) modified all the code. Looks like everything is working fine EXCEPT when I log in as Test_User_One which is a valid entry in the database (trackstar_dev as well as trackstar_test) I’m not getting ‘Add User To Project’ link displayed in the menu. Also, when I try index.php?r=project/addUser&id=1 while I’m logged in as Test_User_One I’m also getting Error 403 “You’re not authorized to access this page”.

So the obvious reason for those two failed statements is that checkAccess() function returning false. At this point my question is; what does all the data related to a project and user is supposed to look like in my database so that Test_User_One is not only authenticated but also authorized for all the actions.

I understand that this may be a dumb question however as someone who has never worked with RBAC, let alone a framework before I feel like a super human trying to wrap my head around this concept.

Any info will be greatly appreciated!!!

got the same problem…

Well, I’ve got such problem too.

my question is here.

You guys found the solution yet?

I think the real problem is the version of Yii - 1.1.6

Maybe there will be an update anytime soon on the Identified Issues thread?