We have just released our first public beta of Anook, a social network for gamers, powered by Yii 1.1.8. Right now you can only get a glimpse of what we have planed for the site, everything is pretty much under heavy construction.

Feedback is very much appreciated though.

Thanks to the Yii team for this amazing framework!

Great website! How long did it take you?

Thank you! I started the yii based development in early 2011, can’t really tell the actual development time, sorry…

Cool design… I browse a while and found many cool functions. I think this will become a great Web.

Nice site…cool and simple layout. :)


thank you very much!

nice layout

Wow, it looks pretty good. Congrats!

Can you tell what extensions did you used? A need to make something like your user interface…

The entire site is very nice!


Thank you very much for your kind words.

We did not use any extensions, but created quite a few from scratch. Once we are done with the crucial part of our development we will release those to the community. We are still in an early stage of development tho…

that link gives me a broken layout view (no layout at all). (chrome, iceweasel on a debian 6.0.4 box)

But after having a deeper look at the website: Excellent job, congrats B)

outch! thank you, should be fixed now… ;)

Yii: yes it is :rolleyes:

Awesome website! Just curious, how did you guys implement the news feed? Did you use caching or something?

We are trying to cache stuff where it’s possible. We are using almost no caching for the feeds as they are generated for each user individually. Really glad you like it. We are still not even 50% done, gonna be a lot of work… ;)

Very nice, +1 :)