Anonymous proxy application

Just finished our anonymous proxy application. There are few things left over but we’re open in no time so I’m just submitting this for review here. Please post your impression.

anonymous proxy

Thank you Yii for such a great framework. I must say, this whole website was done in a single week so kudos to yii developers.

Nice site…

more SEO (user) friendly URLs would look better.

Would be nice to see some source…

I like how the tweets panel is implemented…

Thanks. I’ll take care of SEO at the end since it’s only a matter of changing some rules since the website does not rely on heavy content or something like this where good lucking url’s will have a high impact.

The tweets panel is just a simple js placed in the layout. It’s powered by tweetboard so that’s not my work over there. It just happens to look nice with the overall design.

Nice site! Wish I had more of your sense of style…

Just some remarks from someone who has no clue why you would want a anonymous proxy.

  1. Pricing: I would put the quantity above the columns and skip the word quantity. Use something like ‘More than … proxies’

  2. In the FAQ underneath explain why it is interesting to have more proxies.

  3. Explain anyway why it is interesting to have proxies, so you could attract customers like me :)

  4. Change Site index to ‘Home’ or something. It’s not an index where you’re leading someone to.

  5. Change Members into Login. I expected something to see like a list of members (which would be strange of course, concerning the anonymous part)

Just remarks, no need to agree…

I like your growl like flash in the datacenters btw…

Good luck,


Sure, I appreciate all the feedback I can get. I was more focused on the functionality part rather than UI but I’m getting there very soon.

"In the FAQ underneath explain why it is interesting to have more proxies."

FAQ right now is placed on the pricing page so “why it is interesting to have more proxies” should be placed before that page. The visitor being on the pricing page means he’s 50% sure of what he wants already. Maybe a separate faq page who knows, I’ll have to peek to bigger websites selling things.

There are tons of little tricks for example leaving out most of the functionality when he’s at the checkout page to avoid distractions or knowing the most asked questions related to your product and having the answers on the homepage etc etc, smashingmagazine should do it here.