and troubles with......Behaviours?!

ops, i did it again…

Well, in the good old days of 1.1 i could use behaviours like:

Request::model()->attachBehavior('WebUsersOnly', new UsersWebBehavior);

$requests = Request::model()->scNotDeletedI()->findAll($criteriaR);

and everything was ok, i got requests using ‘filter’ that attached via such behavior:

class UsersWebBehavior extends CActiveRecordBehavior {

	public function beforeFind($event) {





But that was goood old days of 1.1. After that we got 1.1.1 (where behaviours broke) and now we have 1.1.2 (where we got some fixes for behaviours, but with odd result).

Well, my questsion is: Maybe i miss somethins and don’t use behaviours right and it’s not correct way to use behaviours?! Or it’s just next ‘bug’ that you missed in the last 1.1.2 version.

As conclusion, let’s me remind about troubles of 1.1.1 and looks like of 1.1.2 too(that why we’r still using 1.1):

  1. beforeFind via behaviours

  2. beforeFind via behaviours AND count()

Actually i didn’t test (2) in 1.1.2, cause (1) is still not working for me. So what’s going on, guys? I missed something(and not using behaviours right) or it’s just old known bug, that still is not fixed?

I’m looking at the call to parent::beforeFind($event). This is an unusual call in a CActiveRecordBehavior subclass as it refers to CActiveRecordBehavior::beforeFind($event) which is just implemented to make things work at all times, but it doesn’t execute any code.

Did you maybe intend to write



well, i tried, but no way. It’s protected method in that context.

Call to protected method CActiveRecord::beforeFind() from context ‘UsersWebbehavior’

Actually, i’m sure problem not at parent::beforeFind, cause i’m modifing DBCriteria of owner and not using beforeFind in model directly.

Any news in this case?

We are working on it. Already fixed beforeFind so it’s called for all models, relations etc. Criteria availability is the next step.

Okay, thanks. Which version will contain the fix, and when is it scheduled to arrive?

beforeFind fix will be included in 1.1.3 (release date is not set yet), criteria availability fix is not ready yet. Hope to get it in 1.1.3 but can’t promise it.

What about validation rules as "Unique"? They should also have the beforeFind applied, will they have that?

I think this case can be solved with your own validation rule.