Amazon AWS user login/session issues

Hi, I need some help getting a site working on AWS. It’s a simple webserver -> dbserver setup so no load balancing. The code and db are deployed and home page loads fine. However the site requires a login, but it seems as if the user gets logged out and returns to the login screen immediately. I don’t think its a db connection issue, there’s no error. It also uses the db to store the session.

Furthermore I can run the server on my local machine but configured to point to the amazon database. That works fine so the db seems restored correctly.

I’m at a loss as to what to try next! Any advice?

I’ve just found this topic which I have now realised is also my issue.

I’ve also found that if I check ‘remember me’ the login works! No issue with this in the local environment either. Any ideas how to fix it?


I faced similar kind of issue, logged and logout immediately. It was happened due to issue with session file creation. Check whether your server has sufficient storage and permissions on session path.

Thank you,