Am I wrong about the defaultController setting?

I’ve been setting the defaultController component to various values trying to get my app to display something other than the site/index.php. Maybe that’s not what that setting does? Other than edit the …protected/views/site/index.php file is there a way to get a different page displayed after login?

It seems like this should work but doesn’t:


        'defaultController' => 'fcarcMembers',


            // enable cookie-based authentication



ls ../views

familyMembers fcarcMembers fcarcUsers layouts site users

ls ../views/fcarcMembers/

admin.php _form.php _search.php _view.php

create.php index.php update.php view.php



Add FcarcMembersController.php in protected/controllers.


You have it in the wrong place. Place your defaultController setting right after "name", not on components section.

Thanks, that was half of the problem. The other half was the extra spaces:


'defaultController' => 'fcarcMembers',

Should be