allow user to upload and view its own images


i am new to yii framework i am working on user upload and view just its own images not view all images this work how is it possible or not like in Facebook user can upload and view its own profile images…

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add extra column (user_id) where you store image information and image name,

by this you can get all images of particular user.

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but How Can I Store the User ID with image

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Can U upload All Procedure I have alot of confusions to do that i have added a column in image table name of column is user_id which belongs to the tbl_user but the result is same.

How Is it Possible

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All files are public on the internet; there is no intrinsical way to register ownership of an image.

So you need to create a work-around. You need to do something like:

<img src="script.php">

Here, script.php would first check the ownership of the image-file. If ownership is confirmed, it would then serve the image (by echo $image).

I am not aware of any Yii extension that does this off-the-shelve (but I could be mistaken). It so happens that I need to program this myself in the near future…