All-hands testing for 1.1.7

We plan to release Yii 1.1.7 on March 27.

If you are currently using Yii svn trunk to develop your project, would you please update your copy to the latest revision and help us test it? We mainly want to make sure that this upcoming release will not break any backward compatibility. So what you need to do is to check your previously working applications and see if the svn update is causing any problem.

If you find anything wrong, please submit a ticket and we will fix it asap.

Thank you very much!

Looking forward for 1.1.7, nice to have a date for the official release

Already using the latest building without compatibility problems

This is the release that fixes more bugs and has more enhacements / new stuff since I’m using Yii

Thank you all of the core for the hard work


Can’t wait to check it out =)

Currently using the latest svn…so I’m looking forward to yii 1.1.7

I’ll start testing my web application with 1.1.7 later when I get home! (I feel like a child waiting to sit on his new bicycle for some reason :lol:)

is there a list with changes for 1.1.7?

Yes, there is in google code svn

So far, so good…

:blink: I’m using it now