Alias needed with yii2-app-advanced?

I just have added a new application at my yii2-app-advanced based project. I don’t want to go into the details - it is the common structure so I have an own namespace called api, a single contoller and some config and view files.

I just would like to know if it is required to add an alias into common/config/bootstrap.php (another place might also be possible, of course)? Because without, the controller could not be found, though controllerNamespace was api/controllers what should be correct. Only if I add an alias (Yii::setAlias(’@api’, dirname(dirname(DIR)) . ‘/api’);) the controller gets found. The controller is in namespace api/controllers.

So is it required to ad an alias? I’m wondering about this…

It is required, and common/config/bootstrap.php is a good place for this, yes.

Thank you, Bizley. I wasted hours to find this out. Can it be that the guide/doc is missing this? Or where should one know this from?

The path aliases of Advanced Application Template are described in

Maybe this should be mentioned in some more accessible place as well.

Now I found it. It is actually documented here: doc