Alias is invalid message

I am creating a widget and I am getting the following exception:

Alias "components.laser.Laser" is invalid. Make sure it points to an existing directory or file.  

This is how I am calling my widget:

<?php $this->widget('components.laser.Laser', array('form_id'=>$form_id)); ?>

This is the widget class, which is in /protected/components/laser/Laser.php:


class Laser extends CWidget


    public $form_id;

    public function run()


        $this->renderPartial('_form', array('form_id'=>$form_id), false, true);



This is the partial view, which is in /protected/components/laser/views/_form.php:

<div class="form">


        <legend style="font-weight: bold">


            $form = Form::model()->find("id=$form_id");

            echo ucfirst($form->title);





</div><!-- form -->

Any idea what is causing the exception?

If your path is [font=“Courier New”]/protected/components/laser/Laser.php[/font], shouldn’t the widget call be:


That’s it! I knew it was something simple. Thanks for the help.