Alias "bootstrap.widgets.bootactiveform" Is Invalid.

[font="Verdana"][size="2"]Alias "bootstrap.widgets.BootActiveForm" is invalid. Make sure it points to an existing directory or file.[/size][/font]

[font="Verdana"][size="2"]im getting this error. im doing a project in uploading and displaying image from link " [/size][/font]http://www.yiiframew…-stored-images/ "

im getting this error in part in "_form " created by crud after code

 	$form = $this->beginWidget('bootstrap.widgets.BootActiveForm', array(










[size=2]check in extension/bootstrap/widgets folder is BootActiveForm.php exist?[/size]

[size=2]no its not present extension folder is empty[/size]

thanks i solved it by looking in these two links .