Site’s built on top of Yii framework. It’s for a young talented soprano artist.

Have swap between flash and HTML5 for mobile and desktop platforms for music media. Galleries and videos work across both platforms.

The site was done for free so it may have the odd bug. Feel free to mention if you’d like.

Check her out :)

Hi whoopass.

Thank you for an interesting example.

The site contains some kind of content management system? What principal extensions are used?


The site is only driven by her as a user. For simplicity purposes the site used the default built in login setup where one user is her account (with a strong defined password of her choice) and the other a super user admin account (with a strong password defined by me for web administration needs).

Using standard CRUD and model generations there’s a new portal that she’s able to manage news on her own accord. I made the super user access only able to delete the news. there’s also her bio setup that was made in a similar fashion but limited to just one record in the database so she could edit her bio as need.

Other than that, content such as images, music and videos would have to be updated by myself.

Yii Extensions used:

XDetectMobileBrowser -> for mobile detection

AiiPublishRegisterBehavior -> for audio media

+ AiiAudioPlayer

fancybox -> for galleries

social -> for social connection link of facebook

slider - > for main banner slider

yiitube -> for youtube video viewing. I modified player size.

3rd Party extensions:

Twitter-timeline -> for twitter access

slidingtab -> this was a paid sliding tab content system I got a while back for her site. It’s produced by Christian André but I turned it into a usable Yii extension for my purposes. Basically I just registered the scripts and then rendered the content. Content manipulation is done via html in the view files. This was used for the music page. The manipulation of music is HTML5 for mobile systems and AiiAudioPlayer for desktop.

Information on the paid sliding tab. It’s usable both in a vertical (as I have it) and horizontal fashion.


 * Sliding Tabs 1.9.0 jQuery Plugin -


 * Copyright 2011, Christian André

 * All rights reserved.


 * You need to purchase a license if you want to use this script.




I believe that’s it. All graphics for the banner were generated by myself from professional head shots she had done.