AlertBlock is not disappear by itself

Dear All,

I am using kartik GridView and kartik AlertBlock in my application. AlertBlock is used to inform user when they successfully delete/create/update a model.

I found out that if AlertBlock is used in view (view is shown inside a modal), after success create or update actions. It can disappear by itself. However, when I put AlertBlock inside a GridView (kartik used panel and PJAX) which triggered by delete action. It does not disappear by itself.

How to make the alert disappear like one in view?



I also found out that if the form in the modal is submit using javascript, (I catch the enter and make it to submit the form

<script text="javascript">

    $('form').on("keydown", function (e) {

        if (13 == e.which) {





The AlertBlock is not disappear by itself…