ajaxupload-3.5.js does not work


Sorry, I am a newbie here.

My programmer created system for me and he uses ajaxupload-3.5.js to upload image

It works fine in his server or local computer server, but when uploaded into my hosting server, the system fails to upload any image.

I’m just wondering if somebody can help me if there is any special plugins or library needs to be install.


GD Library is already enable, my hosting admin asks if he needs to enable suphp

Last time I have problem in mysql connection and it was solved by enabling PDO

Thanks in advance,


Most probably permissions problem

Make sure apache has permissions to write in the specified folder

Thanks for quick response. I already set the folder and sub-directory into 777

My programmer insisted that the problem is in my hosting, meanwhile he does not provide me with a clue of what is required :(