ajaxSubmitButton and validation error messages


ajaxSubmitButton does not show validation error messages in the form…

How to show those error messages in the form when you ajaxSubmit the form just like when you tab out of a field with Ajax Validation is activated?

I just replaced the initial submitButton from my Gii generated Create view, with a ajaxSubmitButton pointing to the same view. AjaxValidation and ClientValidation are both activated and working on field change.

But even with validateOnSubmit (Form>clientOptions) activated, the form is not validated on ajax subission.

When using the usual submitButton, everything works well, but I need to remain on the same page and not reload it…

I could’nt find any solution for that issue anywhere…

Did I do something wrong?

Is there a bug open for this?


I really think ajax validation on ajaxSubmit is a must have, and I really hope it will be implemented in the next version of Yii.

In the meantime, I use this ext : http://www.yiiframew…dationmessages/


Would you like my tip here ?

Its the simplest and I donot use any extension to solve this problem :)

I wish Yii could do this for me too in the upcoming updates :)