ajaxSubmitButton ajaxLink multiple post

I’m not the first that find this problem, and I saw the solutions, my problem is a little bit different:

The main page index.php call _division.php in a div, inside _divison I have a form and when I post something I register it on the db and I refresh the gridview but I don’t call render or renderPartial, the problem was that after the first click of the ajaxSubmit or the ajaxLink it stop to work and in then next refresh it post 2 times, next 3 times… I resolved in that way:

on the link I take all the elements of the class prova, naturally I can take $(#form_name).children(), and I used serializedArray, after I used each and I created an array with name<-|->value, I didn’t use associative array because I cant pass it with the $.get function.

echo CHtml::link("butta", '#',array(


		var fields = $(".prova").serializeArray();

		var toGive =[];

		jQuery.each(fields, function(i, field){

			if( field.name != undefined && field.name != "" && field.value != undefined)









after on the controller I created in PHP the associative array inside $values

	for($i=0; $i<count($_GET['values']); $i++)





better ideas?

not sure if it’s better idea but it is an alternative…separate jquery from yii

I’ll do