ajaxLink working in Chrome, IE, FF4, not in Firefox 3.6

UPDATE: Apparently I know crap about CSS, ids should not start with a number. But browsers besides firefox 3.6 allow it.

Chrome 10.0 and Firefox 3.6.16 on Linux. Clicking ajaxLink in firefox does nothing at all. Using firebug I can see no ajax request is being generated.

Here is the html generated by using ajaxLink. it works in everything except Firefox 3.6:

jQuery('body').undelegate('#4db0afb7cd6c8','click').delegate('#4db0afb7cd6c8','click',function(){jQuery.ajax({'success':function(data){ if (data) { $('#viewuser').html(data); $('#viewuser').show('fast'); } },'url':'/~user/kt/index.php?r=UserGroup/userViewForm&id=109','cache':false});return false;});

<a href="#" id="4db0afb7cd6c8">newuser</a>

It turns out this html works though, for firefox and chrome. But doesn’t use ajaxLink at all:

<a onclick="jQuery.ajax({'url':'index.php?r=UserGroup/userViewForm&id=109','cache':false,'success':function(html){jQuery('#viewuser').html(html); jQuery('#viewuser').show('fast') }});return false;" href="#">newuser</a>

Here is the php code:

Does not work in Firefox, works in Chrome:


  echo CHtml::ajaxLink(


    array('UserGroup/userViewForm', 'id' => $id),


              "success"=>"function(data){ if (data) { $('#viewuser').html(data); $('#viewuser').show('fast'); } }",


    array('id' => uniqid())



Works in Firefox and Chrome:

<a href="#" onclick="jQuery.ajax({'url':'index.php?r=UserGroup/userViewForm&id=<?php echo $id;  ?>','cache':false,'success':function(html){jQuery('#viewuser').html(html); jQuery('#viewuser').show('fast') }});return false;"><?php echo CHtml::encode($name); ?></a>

Anyone know why this would be? The problem I’m having is not just with ajaxLink but also running ajax though items like dropDownList. Works in Chrome, not in FF.

I booted up a Windows machine and the code works in IE 7, Firefox 4, but not Firefox 3.6! What the heck!

Okay it has something to do with

'id' => uniqid()

This works:

'id' => 'user'.uniqid()

Unfortunately, ajaxLink generates 4 requests every time, whereas the regular jQuery.ajax generates just one!

EDIT: Apparently I know crap about CSS, ids should not start with a number.

Thanks for the info, had the same problem. Without this post solution would take MUCH more time, thanks again ;)

Btw not alowing ids to start by number is crap :).