Ajaxlink Not Working

Hello Everyone,

   I have problem in ajaxlink. my code is

    $action = controller/action;       

    $var .= CHtml::ajaxLink($rt,array($action),array(// ajaxOptions

                                        'type' => 'POST',

                                        'DataType' => 'json',

                                        'success' =>"js:function(data)


                                              $('div .message_container').html(data); 

                                              var str = data;

                                              var n = str.charAt(40);

                                              $('#rpt .ext').html(n);

                                              $('#rpt1 .ext').html(n);


                                        'data' => array('val1'=>$dr['user_id'],'val2'=>$mn['log_id']),


   echo $var;


   In controller i make one view and send to view using jquery but ajaxlink  url is not working in view.

   means action is not called from view.

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Make the action url like this


check this action is defined in access rules on that controller…

check jquery is defined in the top.

and check with url and errors in error console with firebug