Ajax XHR not working with Safari 3.x

I’ve got some ajaxLinks working just fine in Firefox, but they don’t work at all in Safari.

I’ve got a Portlet which creates a list of ajaxLinks, which pass the request to replace #content with the XHR request.

I’ve tried using both ajaxLink and manually creating the ajax links using onclick (ala Ajax step by step). Works fine in FF. Not in Safari.

I’ve tried both JQuery 1.3.2 and the newer 1.4.1. Still the same.

In the Safari console I see that the XHR request is fired. However the #content element is not replaced.

I’d consider this a JQuery problem but these kinds of requests seem to be working just fine in a Drupal/JQuery app I’ve made.

Sorry if this is a newbie goof. I’ve looked around the forums and Google code without finding any hints.

Bump! Anyone?