ajax validation error

in my project having upload image if i select image it goes to database with out select image if i click on create button validation is not working


public function actionCreate()


	$model=new Admission;

	// Uncomment the following line if AJAX validation is needed

	// $this->performAjaxValidation($model);






		$model->image->saveAs(Yii::app()->basePath .'/images/' . $model->image);









return array(

	   array('image', 'file', 'types'=>'jpg, gif, png'),

		array('studentfname, studentlname, dateofjoining, class, course, dob, age, gender, previousinstitutename, Fathername,  parentorguardian_occupation, relation_w_student, address, city, state, country, pincode, mobile, Relegion, category,image', 'required'),


in this controller if write save as function validation not working in form