Ajax update for CDetailView

Dear All,

I understand that there is $.fn.yiiGridview.update() method dan $.fn.yiiListView.update(). But is there similar one for CDetailView? I could not find one. There will be two scenarios where I want to use it.

  1. CGridView and CDetailView in one page. Upon selecting a row in CGridView, will update the CDetailView.

  2. A view page with CDetailView, there is a status field, I wanted to change the status via ajax, after executing the link, it should refresh the CDetailView.

Anyone can help?

Thanks a lot in advance.



In each of your Row of grid, you need to get the value of the status as a dropdown list.

In this dropdown list, you need to set a function which must be called when the selection of the dropdown is changed.

Process this change using Ajax and on success setting of the ajax, call one more ajax call to update the section of the page which displays the items details.