Ajax Tabs Form

Hi guys, i’m wondering how to create a form that contains some tabs (from CJuiTabs), and that these tabs should both be input and determine what should be inside the tabs?

It’s probably not clear what i’m asking, so I will give an example:

Imagine a form where you will first choose which continent you come from. The continents you can choose from will be listed as different tabs (Europe, Asia, Africa and so on). Dependent on which tab you choose, you can choose from a list of countries, like if you choose europe, you will see a dropbox that contains England, Denmark, France… whereas you will see China, Vietnam, India… if you choose Asia. Inside the tabs you will choose some more input according to your previous choice too and now you get the idea.

So, how i this possible. I’m not that good at AJAX yet, and i’m a bit lost on this one.


paste your controller actions here to get the desired views

I havnen’t started on this part of the project yet, because i’m unsure on how to do it.

This sound’s interesting. Does anybody know?

Guys, i’m completely lost on how to do this. Can anybody help?