Ajax search form onkeyup

Hello to you all! I want to make some changes in my search form so as to perform a search on every key the user presses (something like google-style search).I tried several suggestions from this forum but I am not very experienced with yii nor ajax and didn’t make it.I want to substitute this:

echo CHtml::beginForm(array('microtv4/determine'));					

$search_params = new Microtv4Search;

if( isset( $_POST['keywords'])) $s_keywords = htmlentities($_POST['keywords']);

else if( isset( $_GET['keywords'])) $s_keywords = htmlentities($_GET['keywords']);

else $s_keywords = "";					

echo "<input size=\"70\" name=\"keywords\" id=\"keywords\" type=\"text\" value=\"".$s_keywords."\" title='Search'/>";

echo CHtml::endForm();

What’s the simplest way to perform the search on every key pressed?

If I use something like

echo CHtml::textField('', '', array('id'=>'keywords','width'=>50,

'onkeyup' => CHtml::ajax(array(

'url' => CController::createUrl('/microtv4/determine'),

'type' => 'POST',

'update' => '#content'))


to substitute the <input> part, do I have to change the CHtml::Form? Or should I use an Active Form?

I know this sounds messy cause I do not have a full understanding of the framework, so If any more information is needed I would be glad to share it with you. Thank you in advance for your help


I think you should take a look at the CJuiAutoComplete

Did anyone came with working solution?

I am sure you have found this article:-Ajax filtering