ajax problem

Hi All,

I added some html input elements to an existing form though an ajax call, but my problem here is when I submit the form I am not getting those values in the POST array?

Any Idea, how to solve this problem?

Thnx in advance

Show us ur code to understand your problem a little more

I use something like this to make my form ajaxed:

then in FeaturedController:

jQuery does great job on their serialize() function.


Shouldn’t you add echo before CHtml::normalizeUrl()? And what does Firebug say? Did you check, which POST data is sent?

js code above is a part of a big string starting with something like

$str='…{code above}…';

so ‘. CHtml::normalizeUrl() .’ works perfectly  ;)

all data from the form is sent. if you don't need all data, simple point which fields to send like:

"data": "key1=val1&key2=val2",


Oh, sorry, confused you with the topic starter and thought that’s the problematic code :D. Looks good.