ajax problem in Controller

I have problem about ajax in this below

and error this

Advise me please. Thanks.

The error message is clear: you are trying to call a nonexistent method.

make sure the name of the action is:



I can run this application in localhost but I can’t run in server (windows2000, php5.x). I don’t know what heppened. :(

Can help me? :(

We aren’t telepathic. Which error message do you receive? If you want a solution then you need to provide more information.

What does


refer to?

If it’s a method of CoinController then check if the method actually exists in CoinController (or one of its ancestor classes) and doesn’t have typos in its name.

If it’s a method of a behavior attached to CoinController then do the above with the behavior class and check if the method is public and the behavior is attached properly.

if it’s an anonymous function stored in “goBack” property of CoinController then make sure that you have PHP version >= 5.3 installed and the property actually holds the function.