Ajax multiple upload

Hi, I want to upload multiple files and add add description for each file(to be added to db). when uploading there should be progressbar for each file. I tried xupload. but due to poor documentation and support couldnt complete it. any other solution for this?

Well I haven’t tried xupload so I can’t say anything about it.

However, I like to use Valum’s file uploader. There’s even a fork on Github by Ben Colon (just google it) that allow putting several multiple file upload zones.

Anyway Valum’s file uploader uploads files live, and shows progress. As for your concern to add a description, what I generally do is upload, put filename and some id in my form fields, allow the user to type in further information, and save all that in the db, knowing that the files are already in the server.

PS I also have a fork there that limits the file number and takes into account file delete on the client side. Look for github/tellibus

Edit/PPS There’s also an extension for Valum’s uploader. Haven’t tried it either.