Ajax in checkBoxList don't check item after clicked

In my Yii project, I’m trying to use a checkBoxList to update another field in a form. But I’m having some issues if I add Ajax to update the other field.

Without Ajax, I can check and uncheck the items normally. With Ajax, the site sends the request, but the checkbox remains unchecked.


$selected = array(




$data = array(

    'item1'=>'test item 1',

        'item1_1'=>'test item 1.1',

        'item1_2'=>'test item 1.2',

        'item1_3'=>'test item 1.3',

    'item2'=>'test 2',

        'item2_1'=>'test item 2.1',

        'item2_2'=>'test item 2.2',

    'item3'=>'test item 3'


echo CHtml::checkBoxList('checklistbox_test',





        'ajax'=> array(




            'data'=>array('filter_selected' => 'js:$(this).val()'),




Maybe I would have to return that the item can be checked? But how?

Someone knows why this happens?