ajax helpers

Hi friends.

I’ve faced strange behavior of ajax helpers such as ajaxLink, ajaxButton.

If an ajax helper is rendered in a page which rendered by ajax request, then there is no javascript text of this ajax helper.

For example:

Page1 is rendered by ajax request from other page.

This Page1 renders ,for example "ajaxLink". And there is no javascript text for its behavior.

If Page1 is rendered not by ajax, but direct way, then there is javascript text for ajax helper.

you have to process the output when using renderPartial to also include js. Try setting the fourth parameter to true:


Hi Haensel, thank you for fast reply.

I will try it right now…

Unfortunately it doesn’t work. ajaxLink does nothing, because there is no javascript text for it again


Then you have to post your view code and the relevant controller code or we’ll have to guess what’s wrong :)